[NUC240] Dual CAN Application

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20 May 2020, 17:13

  • Application: The code is a demonstration of how to use dual CAN.
  • BSP Version: NUC230/240 Series BSP CMSIS v3.01.001
  • Hardware: NuEdu-EVB-NUC240 v2.0
The peripherals of Nuvoton’s CAN are directly designed by Bosch, so there is no problem with CAN compatibility. Before using it, everyone needs to have a basic idea. It is not like
RS485, one byte per byte is slowly transmitted. Instead, the complete packet data is stored in the register and then moved to the internal cache. The data is automatically transmitted or received through the hardware. Avoid interrupting the modification of the packet data. In the main, the program must disable the CAN interrupt when reading and writing the packet data.

You can download the sample code at https://www.nuvoton.com/resource-downlo ... 1213192350

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