[NUC240] Servomotor Control

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  • Application: NUC240 output PWM waveform for controlling servomotor
  • BSP Version: NUC230/240 Series BSP CMSIS V3.01.001
  • Hardware: NuEdu-EVB-NUC240 V1.0
PWM0 of NUC240 can output a 50Hz waveform to control a servomotor. If you rotate the wheel on NuEdu-EVB board, value of ADC0 could change. Then, high level of waveform
outputting form PWM0 changed from 1ms to 2ms. This waveform is just the signal control a servomotor.

You can download the sample code at https://www.nuvoton.com/resource-downlo ... 1216110649

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