[N9H20] How to use SPI flash with BSP

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20 Mar 2020, 09:40

Q: Is aay hardware modification required?
A: No need to modify on N9H20 demo board.

Q: Where is the N9H20 board reference guide?
A: Nuvoton official website: https://www.nuvoton.com/products/microp ... ware&tab=2

Q: Any software compiler change setting required?
A: No.

N9H20 mounted a Winbond SPI flash with 16MBytes, you can read its ID by BSP SPI sample code, the path is in \N9H20_emWin_NonOS-master\BSP\SampleCode\SPI\SPI_Flash

BSP download link: https://www.nuvoton.com/products/microp ... ware&tab=2

The path of SPI flash support list is in \N9H20_emWin_NonOS-master\Documents\N9H2X_SPI_Flash_Support_List.pdf

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