NUC972DF62Y / NUC97xDK62Y will EOL

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21 Jan 2020, 10:57

Dear Customers

Thanks for your full support to Nuvoton Microprocessor Products in the past years.
This notice is to inform you that the part numbers listed in the following will be changed by Nuvoton.

NUC972DF62Y, NUC977DK62Y, NUC976DK62Y ,NUC975DK62Y

Nuvoton change DDR memory vendor in the new parts. You can replace the corresponding part by new vision. You must change the NuWriter tool to support the new parts for DDR setting.
The new version NuWriter download path is .

The new part numbers are listed in the following:
NUC972DF61Y, NUC977DK61Y, NUC976DK61Y ,NUC975DK61Y

How to change NUC97xDx62Y to NUC97xDx61Y
1. Develop mode
use the new version NuWriter , you must select the new parts number.ini file (NUC97xDx61Y)
C1.png (25.26 KiB) Viewed 15250 times
2. Mass production mode (pack image mode)
Step 1 . Select Mass Production mode of Choose type
C2.png (28.07 KiB) Viewed 15250 times
Step 2. Start --> Generate the pack file
Step3. use NuWriter write the pac file to NAND Flash
C3.png (34.33 KiB) Viewed 15250 times

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