NUC980 Host Lite ports available in 64-pin package?

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30 Jul 2019, 23:47

The datasheet seems to indicate that Host Lite ports aren't available in the 64-pin package, even though the pins that they're bonded out to (PB4/PB6, plus PF0-PF9) are available on the package. Can you clarify if this is a mistake in the datasheet? Or is the USB Root Hub not present on the die found in these devices?

EDIT: Actually it looks like the USB Host Lite ports are dependent on the CAN feature being present on the chip. The technical reference manual / datasheet don't mention the YC feature set available in the 64-pin package, but I assume it's the same as the other packages? In which case, USB Host Lite would be present on the YC version of the 64-pin package, but not the Y-only version of it.

Is this correct?

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22 Aug 2019, 17:40

Hi ,
You are right. The LQFP64 package has a USB Host lite feature. You are free to use this feature in the LQFP64 product.
However, the CAN function can only be used in the "YC" part number. The CAN function with the "Y" part number does not exist.

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