Nuvoton Reference Application|Wireless Power Supply and Data Transfer

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Introduction to High Speed Blender
High-speed blender integrated the functions of juicer, soy milk maker, ice cream maker, food processor, and grinder, etc., achieving the functions of a multi-purpose machine. Since the ultra-high rotation speed (over 20,000 rpm) can break the cell wall of food items and effectively extract the plant biochemical, it is the first home appliance for home healthcare and preserving one’s health.

Nuvoton used a high-speed blender with wireless power supply and two-way data communication to allow the host to achieve wireless detection of cup temperature, making it easy for the cup to be tightly sealed and waterproof, and also easy to remove. When the motor is operating at high speed and vibrating, it can steadily acquire the cup temperature data so that the entire machine can be precisely controlled under various modes. It can be expanded for the control, detection and communication applications of products that need to be waterproof, dustproof and removable.

System Block Diagram
EN_破壁机.png (564.73 KiB) Viewed 2542 times

MS51 (1T 8051,24MHz)
Flash up to 32KB; RAM up to 2KB
Voltage range: 2.4V ~ 5.5V; Temperature range: -40~105 °C
Package : MSOP10/TSSOP14/QFN20 / TSSOP20/TSSOP28/QFN33

Solution Features
Wireless power supply and data detection function two-in-one
Multiple modes available for selection:
The pass-through module makes it easier to upgrade the functions of the original product
TX mode integrated to the microcontroller of the host, reducing the overall cost.

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I just got a shiney new UASMO and Im trying to get a power supply. Im a bit confused by the 7mA part. Does the mean 7000 milliamps?

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