[N9H30] FreeRTOS emWin samples

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Platform: N9H30
Platform resource link: https://www.nuvoton.com/hq/products/app ... _locale=en
BSP link: https://github.com/OpenNuvoton/N9H30_emWin_NonOS
Sample code brief: emWin_SimpleDemo and emWin_GUIDemo on FreeRTOS
IDE: Keil professional

Please note that to run the sample code we need to download the latest version of N9H30 BSP from OpenNuvoton.

Porting guide for important files for FreeRTOS:
In "Application" folder we duplicated and modified important files:
1. standalone.c. (for heap assignment)
2. startup.s. (for SWI handler, e. g., vTaskDelay)
3. FreeRTOSConfig.h. (for mutex config)
4. GUI_X_FreeRTOS.c. (time related on FreeRTOS platform)

Please note that BSP emWin library is for non-OS ONLY, hence, please don't run emWin related on multiple tasks.
To utilize emWin library to demonstrate interactive feature for FreeRTOS.
(47.28 KiB) Downloaded 2560 times
To utilize emWin library to demonstrate widgets feature for FreeRTOS.
(1.15 MiB) Downloaded 2570 times

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