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Nuvoton’s wireless charging solution which adopts the Mini55 series conforms to the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Qi standard. The Mini55 series is embedded with ARM® Cortex®-M0 core and equipped with rich peripherals that can be used to add further functionality. Its key advantages include high performance low power consumption. This solution implements all of the functions of the Qi standard. It is compatible with Qi receivers and offers smart management of wireless power transmission. A dynamic power adjustment function has been added to enhance user satisfaction and ensure that charging will continue even when input power is low. A foreign object damage function is included to ensure user safety during charging.

This solution provides 5V power supply and is suitable for use with wireless charger transmitters. The Mini55 series receives and decodes the receiver signal then adjusts resonant circuit frequency of the PWM signal circuit to satisfy the needs to the transmitter. The Mini55 series runs up to 48 MHz and is embedded with 3-channel 16-bit PWM, 6 PWM outputs or 3 complementary paired PWM outputs, and 10-bit ADC with a conversion rate up to 500 KSPS. Additionally, the solution integrates a Low Dropout Regulator Chip, NTC3703, which greatly increases the precision of ADC measurements by providing a stable power source with less than 2% power fluctuation.

The following diagram illustrates the system architecture:
  • Nuvoton's wireless charging solution conforms to the Qi V1.a.a.2 A11 standard .
  • This solution provides 5V power supply and a dynamic power adjustment function.
  • A foreign object detection function can prevent overheating and ensure user safety while charging.
  • LED light demonstrates the status of charging and breakdown.
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Got a 2015 and he spec has wireless charging. I don’t have that symbol on my pad though. Nor does it seem to be charging wirelessly

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I had a Nexus wireless charger when I had a N4 and N7 at the same time but havent used it since and dont miss the "convenience". Having to have the two coils perfectly lined up was a ballache and Im more than happy to go back to wired charging. Still using the N7 btw

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