Initial forays into the Nuvoton environment. The web site.

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29 Jun 2022, 22:19

Just some brief notes on my experiences, as a newb in Nuvoton.
I've been exploring this platform as a potential option for migrating away from AVR. Stock levels and prices are horrendous for the latter, and indeed for most/all alternatives.

Firstly, this forum has been an inexplicably difficult obstacle to surmount! The site itself lacks a proper TLS certificate, so https does not work, which results in a browser warning you when you try to log-in.
And, at least on Linux, the site did not work with any browser other than Chrome! The problem seems to be with the phpBB theme used (Milk, by PlanetStyles). The home page looks broken.
And registration was a battle. It took several emails and Support-posts, over 3 days, until I got in!
The omnipresent LiveChat showed Tech Support to be "offline", even during Taiwanese office-hours! Other categories (Sales etc) seemed to vary; in one, a real person very helpfully responded; in others, I filled a form which then said that it could take seven days for them to respond.
Finding a contact-link was a struggle. It was not on Nuvoton's home page, but inside some other page which I eventually stumbled upon:
Once I reached those, they were very responsive and helpful.
Eventually, Support informed me that my forum registration was working. That is, instead of the forum admin completing the task of my registration, Support had to do so after I insisted!

This is getting to be a long post. So, I'll continue in another thread, with respect to other aspects.

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