Extending Linux kernel to support NCT6116D SuperIO

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01 Jul 2019, 23:41

Dear experts,

as already done for the NCT6106D, I would like to add Linux support for the SuperIO chip model NCT6116D. However, I'm missing the information in the specs about the definite chip ID of this model. I figured out it could be 0xd282, but the kernel doesn't find the device.

So I assume, 0xd282 is not the proper chip ID at all. In the specs PDF, I didn't find a definite ID therefore.

Could you please check if the 0xd282 is the proper chip ID, or tell me the proper one instead?

Thanks for your help and best regards
Björn Gerhart - Germany


02 Jul 2019, 19:41

If anybody else is interested in there also, the proper ID to be used within the nct6775 driver is 0xd280. The reason is, that the ID taken from the register gets "AND masked" by 0xFFF8.

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