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Industrial Control IoT Microprocessor - NUC980 Series

Nuvoton Technology introduces the new NUC980 industrial control IoT microprocessor series with ARM926EJ-STM as the core. It is packaged in LQFP and has a built-in memory of up to 128 MB. The board is reduced from four layers to two layers, simplifying system hardware. The design is difficult, reduces system cost and board size, and provides industrial-grade high noise immunity. The NUC980 series is equipped with 2 sets of 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, 2 sets of high speed and 6 sets of full-speed USB host interfaces; it has rich peripherals, including 4 sets of CAN2.0B bus and 10 sets of UARTs; also has built-in hardware encryption and decryption engine. Contains ECC (elliptic curve), AES-256, RSA-2048, SHA-512, HMAC. The random number generator (RNG) can randomly generate keys for data encryption and decryption and verification, which can quickly and easily encrypt and decrypt, authenticate, private key and public key functions, and greatly improve the security of networked data transmission. Particularly suitable for industrial Internet of Things, smart factories, smart cities, smart farms, smart grids and gateways (Gateway) applications.

The NUC980 series features built-in industrial-grade 16 MB to 128 MB memory and two 10/100 Mbps Ethernet controllers (MACs) that provide RMII, MDC and MDIO interfaces. Supports storage devices such as SPI NAND, NAND, SPI NOR, SD Card and eMMC. 2 sets of USB 2.0 High Speed ​​Host mode, 6 sets of USB Full Speed ​​host mode, 4 groups of CAN 2.0B buses, and other transmission interfaces including 1 set of up to 100 MHz and SPI interface supporting Quad mode 10 groups of UART up to 3 Mbps, 2 sets of camera interfaces, 2 sets of Smart Cards, 4 sets of I2C, 2 sets of SPI, 1 set of I2S interfaces, 2 sets of SDIO, 3 sets of EBI (External Bus Interface) and 8 channels of PWM. The analog circuit contains an 8-channel 12-bit ADC. Operating temperature is -40 ° C to 85 ° C.

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Is CAN available in the 64-pin package version of this chip? There are separate NUC980DR61YC and NUC980DR61Y part numbers available for purchase (the "C" indicates CAN support), but the datasheet and technical reference manual say that CAN isn't available in the 64-pin packages. Please clarify! Thanks!

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