FAQ for N9H series

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03 May 2019, 17:08

1. RDK-N9H30 board does not take all 10 UARTs out . If I want to use it, I don’t have a test pad.
Ans: The RDK-N9H30 board is designed for large LCD displays. Many UARTs are already occupied by other interfaces. The current design is to leave the most commonly used interface. If you need more than one UART, you need to design a different PCB.

2. Does the N9H30 support 1280x960?
Ans: N9H30 can support max resolution 1024x768. It can't support 1280x960.

3. How about the frame rate?
Ans: N9H20 can support 800x480 @ 30fps . N9H30 can support 1024x768 @ 30fps .

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