Day 1: Going through the Nuvoton N9H30 BSP and emWin GUI system Tutorial

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The first step to learning micro-controller and its GUI (Graphic User Interface) are learning how to use one of Nuvoton platform and emWin GUI system that support them. In the micro-controller world, we have 2 options: Nuvoton N9H30 BSP and its emWin GUI system.

I was told that Nuvoton platform and emWin GUI system were more beginner-friendly hence I decided to pick them up. I installed the latest Nuvoton N9H30 BSP (emWin included) along with OpenNuvoton that came along with GitHub.

Excellent!!! Now that we have Nuvoton N9H30 BSP installed, what's next?

The first thing I did was that I started to go through the N9H30 Non-OS BSP User Manual EN.pdf and N9H30 emWin Quick Start Guide.pdf.

Here's a summary of what I learned in the tutorial:

Setting up the Nuvoton N9H30 BSP

Nuvoton official website

Please download Nuvoton official released N9H30 BSP first. It contains official documents for N9H30 Non-OS BSP User Manual EN.pdf, N9H30 Non-OS BSP User Manual CHT.pdf and N9H30 emWin Quick Start Guide.pdf.

OpenNuvoton along with GitHub

The latest N9H30 BSP, NuWriter and U-boot.

Step 1

Unzip, and there are four folders and three documents.

BSP: Directory contains Non-OS driver, third party software and sample applications.
Documents: BSP related documents.
Images: Pre-compiled U-Boot and emWin application image files.
Tools: Tool for programming NAND, SPI, eMMC or download image to DDR. And its Windows driver.

N9H30 Non-OS BSP User Manual: Brief introduction of N9H30 BSP zip file structure.
N9H30 emWin Quick Start Guide: brief introduction of how to run \N9H30_emWin_Non-OS_BSP_v1.01.002\BSP\SampleCode\emWin_SimpleDemo

Step 2

Some useful links:
Nuvoton platform:
Nuvoton official website
The latest N9H30 BSP
Nuvoton official forum

emWin GUI system:
emWin offical website
emWin official forum
emWin samples


Well, doing this write up summary might actually be harder than the actual learning of Nuvoton N9H30 BSP and emWin... and it's only DAY 1~

But that's okay. We're just starting to learn about Nuvoton platform and its emWin GUI system, I'm sure as we progress along, we'll start seeing things like Nuvoton platform drivers, samples and emWin GUI, e. g, Windows tool, widgets, GUI APIs and window manager.

That's the end of day 1, I hope you learned something valuable form this~

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