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We have a N76E003 board, and the provided "NuMicro ICP Programming Tool.exe" connects and programs ok, but now we want to plan for production.

This means we seek info on
* Command line programming ? **
* Program of the N76Ex part from a larger host MCU ?

Are there any links to the ICP protocol/ timing of RST, OCDDA and OCDCK, and are there examples of code that programs N76e series from another small MCU
I see others offer ICP standalone, so that information must be available somewhere ?

** addit: See other thread, we did find Nu-Link_Command_Tool_V2.01.6592 on a different place in Nuvoton website, but it fails to see N76E003

Addit 2: See other post on Nu-Link_Command_Tool_V2.02.6629, which seems to improve Command Line programming support.

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