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14 May 2020, 10:21

SEGGER's emWin Windows tool GUIBuilder can generate c source file.

It can be loaded into GUIBuilder and modified again.

But if fails to load into GUIBuilder, below items are workaround approaches.

1. User codes need to add into specific area:

Code: Select all

// USER START (...)
Add user codes here
2. If generated c source file, its HEX format didn't contain 0x0D (\r CR: Carriage Return) & 0x0A (\n LF: Line Feed), GUIBuilder will fail to load this c source file.
2.1 Create a blank file.
2.2 Copy all the contents of the c source file to the blank file.
2.3 Save the blank file.

3. Delete GUIBuilder.ini

Now, GUIBuilder should be able to load this file.

Note: The path of GUIBuilder:
N9H2x: \N9H20_emWin_NonOS-master\BSP\ThirdParty\emWin\Tool
N9H30: \N9H30_emWin_NonOS-master\ThirdParty\emWin\Tool

Note: The link of non-OS BSP:
N9H20: https://github.com/OpenNuvoton/N9H20_emWin_NonOS
N9H26: https://github.com/OpenNuvoton/N9H26_emWin_NonOS
N9H30: https://github.com/OpenNuvoton/N9H30_emWin_NonOS

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