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[N9H20 Non-OS] Multiple buffers with PNG decode from SD card sample

Posted: 17 Apr 2020, 17:26
by 9chuckyoung
Platform: N9H20
Platform resource link: ... _locale=en
BSP link:
BSP contains tool and pre-built binaries: ... ware&tab=2
Sample code brief: emWin Multiple Buffers with PNG decode sample
IDE and tool-chain: Keil professional and ARMCC5
1. need micro SD card for NK-N9H20 4.3" LCD.
2. copy "\SampleCode\emWin\SimpleDemo_PNG\Application\*.png" to micro SD card.
3. png library link ... -PNG-file/

Please note that to run the sample code we need to download the latest version of N9H20 BSP from OpenNuvoton.