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[N9H20] Concept demo for intelligent power station V0.1

Posted: 11 Nov 2019, 18:54
by 9chuckyoung
Platform: N9H20
Platform resource link: ... _locale=en
BSP link:
BSP contains tool and BSP sample pre-built binaries: ... ware&tab=2
Sample code brief: Give a concept demonstration for intelligent power station.
IDE and tool-chain: Keil professional and ARMCC5
1. No actual peripherals operation in this demo
2. Another workable demo is in M487 ... 1130161919
3. M487 page link: ... ware&tab=2
4. Related videos (M487 or N9H series), some contents may updated:

Please note that to run the sample code we need to download the latest version of N9H20 BSP from OpenNuvoton.