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[N9H20] Send a UART char to emWin

Posted: 04 Sep 2019, 15:05
by 9chuckyoung
Platform: N9H20
Platform resource link: ... _locale=en
BSP link:
BSP contains tool and BSP sample pre-built binaries: ... ware&tab=2
Sample code brief: Send a UART char to emWin
IDE and tool-chain: Keil professional and ARMCC5
1. This sample utilizes N9H20 UART module to receive message comes from PC/NB (non-blocking)
2. It can postfix received single char on "Window 1".
3. It can show received message on "Window 2" after user pressed keyboard "Enter".
4. The original post comes from SEGGER's emWin tutorial "WM_Sample.c"

Please note that to run the sample code we need to download the latest version of N9H20 BSP from OpenNuvoton.