How to debug with watchpoint in Keil μVision or IAR EWARM?

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31 May 2021, 16:13

(1) Use watchpoint under debug mode in Keil μVision or IAR EWARM.
(2) Watchpoint stops the CPU when a specified data access occurs and any specified expression becomes true.

(1) Debugging memory access status
(2) Debugging parameters with unexpected changes

Keil μVision:
(1) Must install Nu-Link Keil Driver
(2) “Ctrl+B” open Breakpoints window
(3) Supports “Access Break (A)”, “Execution Break (E)” and “Count”

(1) Must install Nu-Link IAR Driver
(2) Supports Data breakpoints with read and write access
(3) Supports Code breakpoints with variable as a condition
(4) View -> Breakpoints window -> Right click “New Breakpoint” -> choose “Code” or “Data”

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