What interface needs to be reserved in the NuMicro® family microcontroller for programming, mass production, and program

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The NuMicro® Cortex®-M family chips are programmed through the SWD interface (ICE_DAT, ICE_CLK). In circuit design, the VDD, VSS, ICE_DAT, ICE_CLK, and nRESET pins must be reserved for mass production, programming and debugging.

Taking NUC121 as an example, as shown in Figure 1, the five pins must be reserved for use as the programming interface. They should be arranged in the order of the SWD pin assignment as shown in Figure 2 to facilitate direct connection with the Nu-Link Debugger.

Figure 1 NUC121 Pin Assignment

Figure 2 SWD Interface Pin Arrangement
For debugger-related details, download the documentation from the following path:
http://www.nuvoton.com/hq/support/tool- ... lopment-to

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