What is the relationship among the configurable Data Flash size, address, and APROM?

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31 May 2021, 15:50

In the NuMicro® family, the configurable Data Flash size is shared with APROM. Refer to the following example.

Assuming that APROM is 128 KB, in the case that Data Flash is not enabled:
APROM Start Addr : 0x0000_0000
APROM End Addr : 0x0001_FFFF

Assuming that Data Flash is enabled and the size is set to 4 KB, APROM will be divided into 4 KB Data Flash and 124 KB APROM:
APROM Start Addr : 0x0000_0000
APROM End Addr : 0x0001_EFFF
DataFlash Start Addr : 0x0001_F000
DataFlash End Addr : 0x0001_FFFF

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