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About W77F32W Flash on NuMaker-M2351

Posted: 23 Sep 2019, 13:40
by pccr10001

I am going to use secure flash on the board to store some secret data.

I tried the sample code in `SecureFlashDemo` directory and got

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Error: Cannot detect native SFI library on the device.
       Please check if the device is M2353 or ask for supporting.
And I created a new project with including SFLib.lib and SFLib.h, but it caused resetting when calling `SFL_Init()`.
Should I bought M2353 chip or I did something wrong?

Thank you.

Re: About W77F32W Flash on NuMaker-M2351

Posted: 27 Sep 2019, 16:53
by workman
SecureFlashDemo sample code can only work on M2353.
If you want to use M2351 + W77F32W, you should contact to winbond for supporting.

you may find the contact window with below link: ... __locale=e

Or you can contact for more information about M2353.