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Power Distribution Unit (PDU): The use of PDU products that have passed industrial standards can increase the power safety of network products, satisfying the input requirements of important equipment. When it comes to power outlets, it is the final checkpoint for electricity usage of all equipment; if it is not stable enough and lacks sufficient protection functions, it may result in damages to expensive equipment or even destruction of entire systems, so the safety and stability of PDU are very important. The Nuvoton NuMicro® M480 series microcontrollers provide various powerful functions able to satisfy the various needs for PDU development.

The following is a PDU application using NuMicro® M487 that briefly describes the functions used for networking and data acquisition. Ethernet and USB are used as the communication interfaces to connect communication equipment, there are also rich peripheral functions such as multiple sets of UART serials for data acquisition and to connect the LED and power switches. This solution also uses ADC and I2C for real-time continuous environmental data acquisition for accurate measurement and the analysis for power usage benefits. Based on these functions described above, the Nuvoton NuMicro® M480 series microcontrollers can easily achieve the rich functions of PDU applications so that the network or power safety can all be improved.
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