All New Upgraded Wireless Charging Toothbrush Solution – Uses newest MS51 and ML51 microcontrollers

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The electric toothbrush is a new product that has appeared in recent years; compared to ordinary toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes are more scientifically effective and is able to clean plaque more thoroughly and reduce oral diseases such as gingivitis, periodontal diseases and gingival bleeding. It is also currently a popular commodity in the market.
Electric toothbrushes use rapid rotations or vibrations of a motor core to make the brush head vibrate in high frequencies, instantly breaking down toothpaste into fine foam to clean deep between teeth; the vibration of the brush can also promote blood circulation in the mouth and has unexpected massaging effects for the gingival tissue.
Electric toothbrushes have six major advantages including cleaning power, comfortable feeling, fun sensation, reduced injury, whitening and ease of use.
Electric toothbrushes come in contact with water frequently, so it has high requirements for water-proofing; most electric toothbrushes also need to have the wireless charging function.

Nuvoton Wireless Charging Toothbrush Solution
Solution introduction: Nuvoton’s electric toothbrush reference solution is divided into two parts, wireless charging transmitter and wireless charging receiver, and toothbrush control;

Wireless charging transmitter:
Receive decoding RX instruction;
Control and adjust output power;

Wireless charging receiver and toothbrush control:
Uses wireless charging;
Transmit RX instruction and feedback charging current;
Lithium batter charge and discharge management;
Mode and power management instructions;
MOS full-bridge motor drive circuit;
Adjustable motor frequency and force, multiple operation modes;

Wireless charging parameters:
TX coil diameter 15mm;
RX coil diameter 13mm;
Coil copper wire diameter 0.2mm*2;
Coil Q value 30 (test condition 100KHz/1V);
Coil inductance 15μH;
Rated charging current 120mA (⃰Note: Wireless charging function is related to coil design parameters.)

Nuvoton Wireless Charging Toothbrush Solution Advantages:
The RX terminal microcontroller integrated three the functions wireless charging receiver, battery charge and discharge management, and toothbrush motor control into a microcontroller solution;
The TX terminal microcontroller integrated the three functions wireless charging transmitter, charging current feedback analysis and charging power adjustment into a microcontroller solution;
The TX terminal is equipped with over-current protection function; over-temperature and over-current protection functions can be added to the TX and RX terminals according to customer needs;
The TX terminal can adjust the output power to make it easier for batch production, and reducing the effects to the system due to consistency errors of other components, giving better user experiences for wireless charging.
The TX and RX terminal circuits are highly integrated to reduce BOM cost for customers.

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