Handheld medical solutions use M261 series microcontrollers with low power-consumption and IoT security

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According to data provided by Stratistics MRC, the estimated annual compound growth rate of the smart medical market will reach 15.4%. The main driving force of the market comes from the popularization of cloud systems; for example, the penetration rate of mobile phones in the medical healthcare field. The other part comes from the products themselves; the number of low powered wearing devices with security protection and compatible health index detection functions is increasing each year.
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Solutions provided by Nuvoton for handheld medical products include high-precision 12-bit ADC with a sampling rate up to 3.76 MSPS; this can quickly detect the test strip voltage and further determine the glucose concentration. As Big Data becomes widely applied, palm-top devices focus more on the security protection of personal health index information; the Nuvoton M261 microcontroller also provides secure boot function that uses a series of authentications to ensure that the device was started by trusted users. As more user-friendly interfaces are used for handheld medical instruments, the originally black and white screens have gradually changed to colored screens, and the Nuvoton M261 microcontroller also provides the EBI expansion interface that can connect to colored screens to improve user experience. M261 also provides 12-bit DAC that can output stable reference voltage for the amplifier used to test the current and voltage of test strips.
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Currently, many customers are using Nuvoton microcontrollers for their handheld medical products such as blood glucose meters; these end-customers are manufacturers from Europe, China, Japan, and Korea. If you are interested in the solution above, please contact us at SalesSupport@nuvoton.com

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