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The temperature in the bathroom is very low when taking a bath during winter, especially in cities in the southern regions during winter where radiators are not installed; this issue becomes even more obvious. The appearance of Bathroom Master provides people with comfort in bathrooms during winter; nowadays, Bathroom Master has changed from a luxury to a necessary bathroom appliance in homes.
The sales of Bathroom Master are growing at a rate of 30% each year; the renovation of commercial housing contributes to this growing wave. Nowadays, more functions are integrated into Bathroom Master; not only are they equipped with the original heating functions, but now they also include lighting effects, Bluetooth speakers, fresh air, sterilization, and even dryer functions.

Nuvoton Solution Introduction
Nuvoton’s industrial-grade MS51 series microcontrollers have up to five serial ports that can be connected to several modules including gas detection, fan and Bluetooth, 12-bit high precision ADC with as many as 15 channels that can detect the temperature and the concentration of various ions, and also achieve real-time monitoring of sterilization and mildew removal effects. The IO drive capability is high and can push the LED directly to reduce the number of external components, and is equipped with ESD as high as 8 kV and EFT as high as 4.4 kV anti-interference capability; it can provide more complete solutions for the high integration functions of Bathroom Master.

For more detailed information of MS51, please refer to the Nuvoton website: ... _locale=en

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