Healthy Appliance Solution - Air purifier using ML51 series

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With the worsening of air quality in the last two years, the increase in a number of smoggy days and the harm caused to body health due to hazardous substances in indoor and outdoor air, people are now more and more aware of their health. The appearance of air purifiers successfully solves these issues; currently, the market is growing rapidly at a rate of 10%.

Solution Features
ML51 series microcontrollers can be used as the main control chip of air purifiers; its basic frequency is as high as 24 MHz and can process data very quickly; it can sample data in real-time and calculate the dust concentration precisely. There is a built-in 12bit high precision ADC with as many as 8 channels to measure external data such as temperature, humidity, and TVOC (benzene), and it also has included hardware DMA that has the function to transfer the sample data to RAM, and display the collected PM 2.5 value, temperature value and humidity value on the LCD screen in real-time. When it is detected that the air quality is abnormal, the PWM can adjust the speed of the fan automatically. The PM 2.5 contents, temperature, and humidity data protocol can be sent to the cloud server by connecting a Wi-Fi module through UART, and mobile phone App can be used to monitor the ambient air quality in real-time. Also, the ultra-low-power feature of the ML51 series where sleep mode only uses < 0.8 uA power consumption can be extended to portable air purifier products such as car purifier and electronic masks.

Chip Introduction
Over a dozen models are provided for the ML51 series, and they are compatible with 32-bit M031 series pins, making it convenient for the customers’ future product upgrades. ML51 provides 1.8V ~ 5.5V wide operating voltage and it has advantages such as 12-bit high precision ADC, up to three UART and high anti-interference abilities.

Model Recommendation
Basic model: 8bit——ML51 (status LED display, external serial port screen)
Mid/high end: M0——M031 series, NUC029 series (OLED small screen display)
High end: MPU——N9H series (TFT display, supports emWin)

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