Human Machine Interface HMI

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Nuvoton released the emWin embedded GUI software emWin development platform that can be applied on industrial, mechanical and home appliance human machine interface (HMI); it can fulfill the needs of different production occasions and end products.
The emWin development platform provides an embedded system that can construct stunning graphical user interfaces (GUI) with power functions.

Nuvoton NuMaker emWin M487 development platform uses the Nuvoton microcontroller M480 series based on the Arm Cortex-M4 core; its maximum operational speed is as high as 192 MHz and supports the connection to external SPI Flash through the high-speed SPI (96 MHz) interface that can quickly read the GUI images for human machine display applications, and save up to 32MB of image data. The M480 series not only supports LCD screens with SPI interface, but it also provides the EBI (16-bit) interface that can support the need of i80 mode LCD; the maximum resolution of the LCD screen can reach 320x240 pixels.
Nuvoton provides many reference application designs; these designs all used the emWin development kit for the graphical interface display of human machines. Through Nuvoton NuMaker emWin M487 development platform and the use of emWin software and hardware development kit, the development of embedded graphical user interface applications becomes simple and fast.
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Здравствуйте, коллеги.
Развиваются технологии, появляются новые способы письменного перевода: машинный переводредактирование человеком Machine-Human Hybrid Translation

Коллеги, поделитесь, пожалуйста, своим опытом: действительно ли перевод, выполненный машиной и отправленный Вам на редактирование, сокращает время работы над текстом и дает результат лучше, чем просто человеческий перевод? Какие впечатления от этого подхода?

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