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Introduction to Integrated Stove
The integrated stove is a comprehensive kitchen appliance that integrated the stove with other kitchen appliances; its features include saving space in the kitchen and high fume suction rate. Compared to traditional stoves that have continually decreasing ratios in the kitchen appliance industry, the ratio of integrated stoves is steadily increasing each year.

Nuvoton’s integrated stove solution uses the principle of upper suction or deep well suction and low exhaust to generate negative pressure zone for air flow, allowing fumes to be sucked up and discharged without having contact with the human face. Its fume suction rate reaches over 99%.

The main control chip (8bit, 32bit) satisfies all needs of high/mid/low-end products. It has a wide operating voltage 2.5V~5.5V and industrial grade operating temperature -40°C~105°C; in which the 8bit N76E616 is a 1T 8051 integrated LCD driver. The Nuc029 series use 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M0 as the core, and packaging supported includes LQFP48, LQFP64, and LQFP128; UART can reach a maximum of 8 sets.

System Block Diagram
EN_集成灶.png (391.2 KiB) Viewed 3556 times

Main control microcontroller:
Low-end: 8bit N76E616/ML51 LQFP44/48
Mid-end: M0 NUC029 LQFP48/64
High-end: M0 NUC029KGE LQFP128

Solution Features
Main control integrates the controls of the smoke guide, stove, steam box/oven/disinfecting cabinet, modular flexible combination + smart connection.
Complete detection functions including temperature, gas, and the human body; achieving high safety protection.
Multiple input control methods are available for selection, including touch and gesture.

Related IC
• NUC029
• N76E003
• N76E616
• ML51

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If you have moved a Reference file, how can you debug what Reference file TopOGun is looking for in a TGS scene file, if it cant find the reference file, without actually opening the scen file and getting an error that the reference file is unavailable ?

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