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A switch device that is capable of closing, carrying and breaking the current under normal circuit conditions and specified abnormal circuit conditions.

Electricity meter external circuit-breaker:
The external micro circuit-breaker of electricity meters is a key component to use with smart electricity meters to achieve smart control functions; it is divided into two major categories semi-automatic and fully automatic:
Semi-automatic: micro circuit-breaker with shunt trip function. Only capable of realizing automatic electricity disconnection after late on bills. Once the bill is paid, professional personnel is required to switch it on manually.
Fully automatic: Equipped with arc extinguishing and remote automatic split and close functions; supports overload protection, short-circuit protection and electricity leakage protections, etc.

Electricity meter external circuit-breaker specifications
State grid 《Technical specification of external circuit-breaker for electricity meters》
China Southern Power Grid 《Charge control electricity meters external low voltage circuit-breaker technical specifications》

Solution Features
Complies with the technical specification requirements of State Grid Corporation of China and China Southern Power Grid
Fully automatic electricity meter external micro circuit-breaker
Use for home or lower terminal situations
Uses 1T enhanced 8051 core with much high precision ADC and PWM built-in
Low-running, low standby power consumption
ESD 8KV / EFT 4.4KV, operating temperature -40 ~ 105 °C
MSOP10/ TSSOP 14/20

Recommended model

Electricity Meter External Circuit-breaker Block Diagram
EN_电能表外置微型断路器.png (326.87 KiB) Viewed 3690 times

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