Nuvoton Reference Application| 2D Barcode Scanner

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Due to a large amount of 2D barcode used for mobile payment, it is only necessary to have a handheld personal handheld device equipped with a display to display a 2D barcode, which can be easily paid, as well as identification, reservation, payment, online shopping, and the like. Scanning 2D barcodes provides more convenience for the public. The biggest difference between a 2D barcode and 1D barcode is the size of the data. 1D barcodes can only display numbers, and two-dimensional barcodes can store more information in a small space.

The Nuvoton MPU series features an ARM926EJ-S core with high performance and low-cost 32-bit ARM®. It can run from 200MHz to 300MHz and supports CMOS camera and TFT LCD display device. The key point is that the MPU series has a stack of 2M Bytes to 64 M Bytes DDR memory space, which not only allows customers to make 2-layer to 4-layer boards but also makes it easy for customers to pass EMI and EMC certification. The MPU series basically integrates the functions of scanning QR codes into one IC, which not only saves cost but also completes the product with a relatively small PCB. Based on the above characteristics, the MPU series is a very cost-effective solution in the application of QR code scanners.
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Hello sir,
is there any development board available for 2d qr code scanner?

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