【Online course】An introduction on Nuvoton’s comprehensive IoT solutions - the NuMaker series development platforms

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02 Apr 2018, 10:03

Nuvoton provides abundant learning resources for all of its users as well as Makers. We have made our online courses very accessible for you. Whenever and wherever you are, you could always connect with us to learn about our latest products and solutions. This time, we are going to show you how to work all the sensor modules on the NuMaker Brick - and more importantly - how to add your own device to it.

The NuMaker Brick is an open source IoT platform including a combination of sensors and modules, which can work independently or be arranged in any order. Monitoring and the adjustment of parameter settings can be done via the NuBrick App on either Android or iOS based mobile devices. The NuMaker Brick’s main control board is equipped with Bluetooth function, which controls and coordinates data transfer. By setting the parameters of various modules via the NuMaker Brick app, the basic applications of an IoT system can be quickly structured. Onboard modules include the temperature and humidity sensor, gas detection module, infrared module, gyroscopes, accelerator, sonar, LED and buzzer. In addition, the NuMaker Brick App provides mechanism for NuMaker Brick to trigger phone functions such as SMS, GPS, camera, flash light and internet connection.

Sign up for the NuMaker Brick course right away:
Register: http://www.nuvoton-mcu.com/mcuLearning
Enrollment: Before Apr 13th
Course Availability: Apr 18th to May 17

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