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Smart home kit for lighting, watering & pet feeding

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This creative project aims to realize IoT (Internet of Things) smart home based on the MCU and mobile APP. In this project, Nuvoton’s M451LG6AE MCU is used as the main control chip to collect temperature and humidity and for limit detection on intelligent terminals. The intelligent control equipment consists of the MCU and a Wi-Fi module, and the intelligent terminal runs socket communication with the server via the Wi-Fi module. The cloud server provides necessary data according to user demand and updates corresponding tasks to the matching list in the database. When 4G or Wi-Fi is connected, the mobile application can search for data and set tasks on the server through an HTTP request, achieve its control over intelligent terminals by a connection to a cloud server, and ultimately achieve the management of smart lighting, watering and pet feeding.

For more information, pls. refer to https://www.nuvoton.com/hq/support/thir ... _locale=en

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