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Novel egg holder
[*]Item Description

This “novel egg holder” adopts Nuvoton’s NuMicro® NCU140 MCU as the main control core to manage peripheral functions of the refrigerator, including a 7-segment display, micro switch, Tri color LED, voice module, audio amplifier, single color LED, Bluetooth module, etc. Components communicate through the NCU140. The operating principle and control circuit of components used in this product are shown below. When eggs are put in this “novel egg holder”, the device will automatically calculate the quantity and display on the 7-segment display. When the holder is full, the green LED will turn ON, and when there is still has space, the blue LED will turn ON; when there is no egg in the holder, the red LED is ON and the device will send a voice reminder. Meanwhile, this system can transmit quantity information to the smartphone via Bluetooth. Users can also check the remaining number of eggs as well as the price with Council of Agriculture on the smartphone and set the expiration date by expiration button. The smartphone will remind the user when this date is overdue. Through Bluetooth controlled peripherals, IoT (Internet of Things) can be thus achieved, and convenience and practicality can be enhanced.

For more information, pls. refer to https://www.nuvoton.com/hq/support/thir ... _locale=en

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