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Portable fingerprint collecting and verification system

Team Name: SKY

Team Member: Tian Chen

  • Item Description

This product is built on Nuvoton NuTiny-SDK-M451 development board, connecting the powerful serial ports on the board to the computer, HMI color LCD, fingerprint sensor and equipment of the same kind individually to develop a portable multifunctional fingerprint collecting verification device with excellent interactive experiences. Its features include low power (powered by lithium battery), isolated and remote enable this device to collect and verify fingerprints separately and transmit fingerprint data between the computer and devices (remote collecting is realized and the device is isolated when collecting fingerprints). This device can be applied to occasions requiring ID verification, such as meetings or examinations and significantly simplify procedures of data acquisition and equipment installation.

  • Product Information

https://www.nuvoton.com/hq/products/mic ... _locale=en

Nuvoton Direct
https://direct.nuvoton.com/en/m451ld3ae ... &results=2

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