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<2016 Nuvoton MCU Creative Design Contest > Group B:MCU Application (First Award) PLC function realization and exten

Posted: 29 Jun 2017, 14:18
by Prima
PLC function realization and extension based on Nuvoton chip

Team Name: Taizhou Shengfeng Energy Technology

Team Member: Liang Qiu

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Currently, the PLC has been massively applied to industrial control and high-end equipment; features such as reliable operation, simple development and convenient maintenance and upgrade make it very popular among engineers. However, its expensive price leaves users with limited cost no choice but to develop products through other approaches and as a result, leads to long duration of the development and difficulties of maintenance. To solve this problem, we developed the PLC platform based on Nuvoton M451 series; by using abundant peripheral sources of M451, functions of each module in the PLC are realized and the convenience of PLC communication is largely improved by the embedded MODEBUS protocol. By providing a PLC platform with high price-performance ratio for users developing middle/low end products, this product can solve difficulties most engineers are encountering now.

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