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Second Award: Smart equipment monitoring system for intelligent factory

• Item Description
Nuvoton NuMicro® Nano100 MCU is adopted as the main control chip to realize the intelligent IoT (Internet of Things) monitoring system and the real-time operation monitoring of large amount of machines is achieved through various sensors along with IoT MQTT protocol technology. Sensors installed on machines can monitor different parameters reflecting working conditions, such as the use of compressed air, power consumption and vibration generated by machine operation. Collected data is reported and uploaded to the database via MQTT and the real-time operation is displayed on the Kanban system to provide a clear overview for plant managers. This product also proposes a new possibility for future factory based on Industry 4.0 and IT and IoT applications.

• Main functions
- IoT sensor nodes for monitoring working conditions of the equipment: MQTT “Publisher” based on ESP8266.
- Cloud-based MQTT “Subscriber” is used at the back-end system to collect data of working conditions, such as vibration, current consumption and compressed air consumption.
- Display visualized working conditions of the equipment on the Kanban system.

• Product Information

https://www.nuvoton.com/hq/support/thir ... _locale=en
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