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1.First Award::Dual audio DTMF-based intelligent lock

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The project adopts the Nuvoton NuMaker UNI development board for development and design. The NuMaker UNI board is a highly integrated development kit providing a convenient network solution with the 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi module and Bluetooth module. The system consists of an intelligent lock, lock authorization mechanism and password control system located on the web server and smartphone of the house owner and authorization:

1. The intelligent lock comprises the mechanical and the electronic parts made up by digital microphone, MCU and Wi-Fi module. The digital microphone is installed at the pickup device of the lock for receiving the audio signal; the MCU controls the Wi-Fi module to connect to the system server of authorization and password control on the internet to request the password via wireless home network. Each intelligent lock has only one ID and adopts DTMF (dual-tone multi-frequency) signals.

2. The communication among the intelligent lock, smartphones of the house owner and for authorization and the system server of authorization and password control located on the internet utilizes a one-time HTTPS/TLS encrypted password.

3. The house owner can manage the intelligent lock by binding his/her mobile APP to the lock ID to authorize multiple numbers to unlock and time limit for use. The intelligent lock can obtain the password by connecting to the web server via wireless home network. The authorized smartphone gets the password for unlocking from the server and converts it into the audio signal; when playing this signal next to the intelligent lock, the system will be unlocked if the password is correct.

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NuMaker Un
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