【 Activities Summary】2017 June- NuMicro® MCU Roadshow & Workshop in India

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27 Jun 2017, 14:19

Nuvoton held the latest Cortex®-M NuMicro® Family Roadshow & Workshop in Bangalore and Pune, from June 12th to 16th.

Lots of innovative applications were on display and stirred great interest among engineers, such as N79E003 Circuit Breaker, N76E616 LCD Rice Cooker Solution, N76E003 E-bike Meter, N76E003 Current&Voltage Meter, N79E715 Range Hood, N76E003 USB current meter, N76E885 + N76E616_Wireless Power Transfer Solution, M0516 Digital Display Meter, M0518 Six-legged Multi-axis Robot, Gaming Mouse Solution with NUC121&125, NuMaker Tomato IoT Gateway.

Nuvoton has also prepared practical hands on training program by using the Cortex-M0 MCU to build solutions with NuTiny-M051. The one day workshop & Hands on training on Cortex-M0 to build MCU solutions based on KEIL UV4 or IAR EWARM platforms with C language, we also offer abundant sample codes which supports KEIL UV4 or IAR EWARM platform. Besides, participants got a free development board for learning!

For more details of nuvoton product, pls. refer to www.nuvoton.com :lol:
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One more week left to register...

Four spots are full, four remain, and we will accept registration up through June 27, the day before the workshop.

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