What is Nu-Bridge?

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Nu-Bridge is a portable handy debugging tool. It is developed based on the NuMicro NUC123 with Windows application for developers to control or monitor the SPI and I2C interface of target chip. It also provides an easy and convenient firmware update mechanism for users to change its function.
  • Supports USB 2.0 Full speed
  • Supports firmware update with Windows File Explorer
  • Supports Serial Interfaces, up to two SPI/ two I2C / two UART interfaces
  • Supports one I2S interface with one I2C interface
  • Supports four PWM output channels
  • Supports four ADC input channels
  • Provides ten possible interface combinations and applications
  • Windows application for controlling Nu-Bridge is included
  • Both firmware and Windows application are open sourced
Nu-Bridge dongle is designed to support multiple uses. Some of possible applications are listed below.
  • USB to UART
  • USB to SPI
  • USB to I2C
  • USB to PWM*
  • USB to I2S*
  • ADC to USB*
  • UART/SPI/I2C interface monitor
*The I2S, PWM and ADC related functions are not implemented yet.

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What hardware can Nu-Bridge operate on ?
There is mention of Nu-Bridge dongle, but no info on Nuvoton Store, or Nuvoton Web site of this hardware ?

Can the NuTiny-NUC123S be used ?

Is NuTiny-NUC125S or NuTiny-NUC126 or NuTiny-NUC220V (NUC220) compatible with Nu-Bridge software ?
It seems NUC220 is closest, in spite of the part number hints ?

Your post says "*The I2S, PWM and ADC related functions are not implemented yet."

but the release notes say this ?

Version 2.01.000 (Released 2014-04-30)
1. PWM module function released.
2. ADC module function released.
3. New I2C monitor method released which is capable to monitor 400 KHz I2C transmission.
4. SPI2 master function released. This module has used the SPI FIFO buffer to reduce latency between each data transferred.
5. Always use PDMA to reduce MCU payload.

That suggests PWM and ADC are added, since 2.01.000 ? Which is correct ?

I can also find mention of a revision from 20150821, and another link says The latest Nu-Bridge Dual COM Release! (March 2017), but there is no release info for what is new in March 2017 ?

Q: Are there any plans for a Nu-Bridge code variant that targets NUC505 ?
The NUC505 seems a very good way to get HS-USB links

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Adobe Bridge - What am I doing wrong? Thank you Peter, I have now used the Find command as you suggest. That works

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Adobe Bridge - What am I doing wrong? Youve led a sheltered and probably IT trouble free life then Smegmeister.

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