[M480] Using IAP to Upgrade APROM and SPI Flash

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  • Application: This sample code uses IAP bootloader program to upgrade APROM and SPI Flash program.
  • BSP Version: M480 Series BSP CMSIS V3.03.000
  • Hardware: NuMaker-M487KM v1.0
IAP (In-Application Programming) bootloader allows the M480 microcontrollers to update the program in other Flash address block. When using IAP, the M480 will point to the address of the bootloader program by vector table, and the program in other Flash address is able to be updated. When the upgrade is completed, the vector table will be redirected to the new program address to execute it.

After the APP in APROM is updated, the IAP allows APP to be called each other with system reset or without any reset. Some APPs do not need to be switched with system reset. At this time, as long as the stack pointer R13 is modified and the vector table is remapped, the APP will be switched and executed.

You can download the sample code at https://www.nuvoton.com/resource-downlo ... 0913151930

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