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[M480] HSUSB 8K Mouse

Posted: 15 Jun 2021, 11:17
by chhsieh3
  • Application: This example code demonstrates how to implement a High-Speed USB mouse.
  • BSP Version: M480 Series BSP CMSIS V3.05.001
  • Hardware: NuMaker-PFM-M487 v3.0
This example code implements a function that simulates a USB 2.0 high-speed mouse device. General speaking, some USB applications such as mouse and keyboard only contain low speed interface. However, some special usages such as gaming mouse need high data
transfer speed. For this purpose, the example utilizes USB 2.0 high-speed interface to design a mouse. Users can utilize this example to design their own USB 2.0 high-speed mouse devices.

You can download the sample code at ... 0609143937