【Video】Thermostat GUI Reference design

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25 Mar 2020, 16:52

Hello everyone. Welcome back to Nuvootn’s YouTube channel. This is a reference design of a thermostat made by Nuvoton. The first screen shows the current room temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. You can also set your target temperature through the control panel. The middle switch is the power switch of temperature control. Press the Temperature icon and you can adjust backlight brightness by slide control.

Back to the function page, press the Snow icon where you can change the strength of the air conditioner. You can increase or decrease the strength by these up and down arrows or you can press the snow icon for adjustment. Changing the heater, dehumidifier, and fan are the same. The third page is a calendar where you can set the date to book opening and closing the temperature control. What you saw is the reference design introduction.

Now let’s talk about the composition of the board. In the middle of the board is a Nuvoton N9H20 main control chip. This main control chip has built-in 32 Mbytes DDR so the board is very clear and the hardware design is easy. At the top side, there is a 1 Gbits NAND Flash for code and pictures storage. At the bottom left there is a connector to the UART control interface. In the middle left area, there is a 5 Voltage (Micro USB) power input. In the upper right corner, there is an RS485 connection. Through this green connector, you can connect to RS485 for fans, air conditioners, and other devices' control. In the lower right corner, there is a chip for power IC and some other parts. The application reference design is concise and powerful. That’s all for the hardware introduction. Thank you for watching.

:arrow: :arrow: :arrow: YouTube link: http://www.nuvoton.com/video_NuMaker-TCN9H20_EN


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