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UART to RS-485.

Posted: 26 Jul 2019, 17:49
by deepak.k

For the NUC970 series, another alternate function of UART controllers is RS-485 9-bit mode function,
and direction control provided by RTS pin to implement the function by software. The RS-485 mode is
selected by setting the (FUN_SEL(UA_FUN_SEL[2:0]) = 011) to select RS-485 function. The RS-485
driver control is implemented using the RTS control signal from an asynchronous serial port to enable
the RS-485 driver. In RS-485 mode, many characteristics of the RX and TX are the same as UART.

What does this mean? No need to mount RS485 transceiver externally when UART can be configured to RS-485??
Also if any reference design is available . Please do share.

Thanks and best regards

UART to RS 485

Posted: 08 Aug 2019, 08:35
by Kamignof
I just received the VS1005 development board and breakout board, and just registered on this site. YOU READ MY MIND This post is exactly how I am looking to control the VS1005 via another primary system controller. Thank you for this post and please continue to enhance this UART control capability.


Re: UART to RS-485.

Posted: 08 Aug 2019, 13:45
by deepak.k

Please Post the outcome after you finish your testing.