Elevator Control System

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The Elevator Control System includes three core applications - elevator system, multimedia image processing, and touch panel. Specifically, the hall call panel and motor control in the elevator system adopt Nuvoton NUC131 microcontroller, the image processing in multimedia advertising display adopts Nuvoton N329 microprocessor, and landing call in the car call touch panel module uses Nuvoton NT0880 8-bit chip to control touch key function.

The launch reference design is a full complete elevator solution including hall call panel, car call panel, and advertising display, and adopts Nuvoton chips as system application core. The hall call panel and main control panel are connected as a serial CAN-bus. The NUC131 main control panel uses the CAN-bus to transmit and receive floor information of hall call panel and elevator box position, and then uses GPIO control motor to move from the elevator box to a call floor.

The NT0880 is a capacitive touch dedicated sensor chip used as the elevator car call panel, which not only has excellent anti-noise interference ability but uses GPIO or I2C to transmit elevator button information.

The advertising display uses the N329 chip including the ARM9 core with frequency up to 300 MHz used for image processing, and supports multiple image format CODEC and built-in OpenVG hardware accelerator.

Even playing the image with a resolution of 800 x 600 dpi, the Frame Rate can still be up to 20 fps (frames per second).

The systematic block diagram is as follows:
NUC131 hall call panel motor control
  • Provides NUC131 CAN bus with high reliability, high transmission rate and excellent anti-noise interference ability to replace traditional RS-485 bus
  • Supports up to 24 PWM channels and 6 UARTs to easily expand elevator peripheral functions
N329 for advertising display
  • Frequency up to 300 MHz for fast operation
  • Supports multiple image format CODEC, including Flash, MPEF4, H.264, and H.263 format
  • Built-in DDR Memory, up to 64 MB
  • Built-in OpenVG hardware accelerator
NT0880 car call panel
  • Capacitive touch dedicated sensor chip
  • Excellent anti-noise interference ability
  • Simplified PCB layout
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