DALI Protocol Lighting Control System

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This solution utilizes Digital Adressable Lighting Interface (DALI) protocol in its lighting control system in order to create a remote control system that includes initializing, switching lights on and off, and adjustable lighting controls.

The NUC120 series is employed in the DALI master. This solution greatly increases the system's anti-interference capabilities and tolerance for power sources. It is also capable of satisfying high temperature operational environments of lighting systems.

The DALI master use NUC120 USB functions to communicate with the computer server, issuing commands to the DALI processor through the computer software to deliver, analyze, and transmit commands. The Timer capture function is employed for DALI Bus signal analysis, using Data Flash functions to store slave system data.

The following diagram illustrates the system architecture:
Mini52 DALI Slave

Takes full advantage of Nuvoton's exhaustive resources, such as the Mini52FDE Timer functions to achieve signal delivery, input capture, DataFlash for data storage, and lighting control via PWM and ADC.
  • Nuvoton's ARM® Cortex® -M0 NUC123 series can run up to 72 MHz and support a wide operating voltage (2.5V to 5.5V) as well as USB 2.0 High Speed devices
  • Uses dual-channel differential signals to transmit and improve the system's anti-interference properties.
    The NuMicro® series offer extensive external resources to reduce the number of peripheral parts and components required.
  • NuMicro® series are equipped w.ith Nuvoton's proprietary and innovative encryption and protection systems that safeguard the customer's intellectual property.
  • This solution is highly resistant against static electricity (up to HBM 6KV) and interference (up to EFT 4KV).
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