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Nuvoton's iPhone Lightning Speaker is furnished with a comprehensive reference design interface and adopts Nuvoton's proprietary audio quality processing techniques and patented algorithms to offer consumers the best audio and music experience.

This solution uses Nuvoton's ARM® Cortex® -M0 NUC123 series as the main controller. It supports Apple's latest Lightning interface and is compatible with the 30-pin interface as well as Apple's latest communication protocol (iAP2 & iAP1). The solution also meets Apple's dual-interface design requirements (Lightning and 30-pin) for digital audio docking stations.

Application: docking speaker, lightning head phone, iPhone gaming joystick, USB Speaker and Apple accessory

The systematic block diagram is as follows:
Systematic block diagram
  • The NPCA110P is a high quality sound effect processor chip and system which uses the patented WAVES sound algorithm technology to achieve performance beyond hardware and physical limitations. It provides ordinary audio hardware with the dynamic range, stereo sound, clarity, and noise suppression features once exclusive to high-end devices, greatly enhancing the audio range, timbre, and quality while restoring and augmenting the charms of the original audio.
  • The NAU8822 is a high performance and cost-effective audio codec IC capable of supporting multi-channel digital input/output, simulated input/output, volume modulation, earphone drivers, and 5-section EQ.
  • The NCT3956 uses USB switch that allows the system to switch between Lightning peripherals and older 30-pin equipment for supporting more Apple devices.
  • The NAU8823 is a Class D Audio Power Amplifier Chip that uses a 5V power source and is capable of generating 2*3W stereo effects.
  • The NTC3521 is a power switching chip with the current limiting function for device protection. The chip automatically cuts the power source when maximum current exceeds 2.5A.
  • The NTC3720 is a 3.3V Low Dropout Regulator Chip that drastically improves system stability of single-chip microcomputers and digital signal processors by providing a stable power source with less than 2% power fluctuation.
  • Nuvoton's ARM® Cortex®-M0 NUC123 series can run up to 72 MHz and support a wide operating voltage (2.5V to 5.5V) as well as USB 2.0 High Speed devices.
  • This solution is capable of passing Apple's ATS tests, helping to save the customer's development cycle time. Customers will no longer be required to write their own Apple protocols, allowing for faster product development and launch.
  • Developers using this solution can also use APPs to upgrade their NUC123 program and initiate online updates of finished products to avoid the costs of shipping to and from factories.
  • The NuMicro® series are equipped with Nuvoton's proprietary and innovative encryption and protection systems that safeguard the customer's intellectual property.
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