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This package includes a flight control board, a joystick, a 2.4G RF module, and a section board with a Nu-Link-Me emulator that employs Nuvoton's Cortex® -M4 development board. This package is furnished with a complete Attitude Heading and Reference System (AHRS) Library to facilitate user control. As users no longer have to work out the mathematical algorithms needed to calculate the attitude and heading. Instead, they can easily invest valuable time in perfecting the flight controls and develop flight applications. The system only needs to be connected to an airframe, voltage regulator, motor, rotors, and a portable lithium battery to begin flying.

This package supports a failsafe system (automatic landing), fixed attitude hovering system (with a barometer), and headless mode (with an electronic compass). It can be connected to an exclusive 2.4G remote control module or a radio transmitter/receiver available on the market. Users can also choose from a series of airframes with different sizes and diameters as well as freely adjust the PID flight controllers and calibrate their sensors.

Nuvoton's Cortex® -M4 microcontroller supports high speed ESC (400Hz) and includes the proprietary 10-axis sensor algorithm system with sensor update frequency up to 500Hz, allowing real-time control of flight dynamics with zero delays.

The following diagram illustrates the system architecture:

  • One-stop solution: This package includes a control board with the Cortex® -M4 core and 2.4G radio transmission remote control board. No setting is required after installation and connection to a power source.
  • Exclusive database: A comprehensive Attitude Heading and Reference System (AHRS) Library is provided to allow quick setup.
  • Flexible dimensions: In addition to the default 250 mm airframe supported by the package, users can also select large (450 mm) airframes and electrical machinery as well as adjust the PID flight controller to control flying devices with different specifications.
  • Master the 6-axis flight control with MPU6500.
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