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LED Display

Posted: 24 Mar 2017, 17:14
by Dereck
The LED display with advantages such as low cost, low-power consumption, easy installment, and easy multiplication is widely used in shopping mall, store, institution, Exhibition, station, etc. The LED display reference design launched by Nuvoton allows customers to quickly develop the LED display control panel with cost competitiveness.

The launch reference design has NUC472 Ethernet and M452 simplified design. The NUC472 Ethernet design can change the LED screen subtitle through Ethernet, USB, and Bluetooth, and support monochrome LED up to 80k dots, bi-color LED up to 40k dots. The systematic block diagram is as follows:

The M452 simplified design can change the LED display subtitle through USB or Bluetooth, and support monochrome LED up to 32k dots and bi-color LED up to 16k dots. The systematic block diagram is as follows:

The two designs also support RTC timing LED display update function. The LED display content can be updated remotely through Bluetooth using mobile phones or computers. In addition, Nuvoton provides Android Apps on Google Play for reference.

  • Nuvoton NuMicro™ ARM Cortex®-M4 series not only supports wide operating voltage 2.2~5.5V, but also saves one LDO and two 74245 ICs to reduce BOM cost and circuit complexity.
  • Supports USB Full-speed 2.0 for LED display update.
  • Supports SPI interface LED panel control; the SPI can control up to 62 slices of bi-color 16k dots.
  • The SPI with PDMA function saves lots of CPU run time.
  • Supports RTC independent power supply; RTC can still record time under normal operation as main computer powers off.
  • Supports SPI Flash function; the SPI with PDMA function can speed up SPI Flash read/write and reduce CPU intervention to save lots of CPU run time.
  • Supports the UART print message function; the M452 URT FIFO with 16 bytes is provided with high-speed data delivery ability and very suitable for debugging through UART.
  • NuMicro™ distinctive encryption and program protection to protect program from being stolen.
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Re: LED Display

Posted: 28 Mar 2017, 22:19
by Wright
Can you provide the reference code ?

Re: LED Display

Posted: 29 Mar 2017, 10:56
by Dereck
Wright wrote:
28 Mar 2017, 22:19
Can you provide the reference code ?
Please contact with
Thank you!

LED Display

Posted: 05 Feb 2019, 11:43
by PremsJed
Hi friends.
The Led display lights are very best and beauty for your shop i have already install these lights in front t of my shop and display my shop products by these lights.