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【Video】® Low Power ML51 Series Microcontroller

Posted: 17 Jul 2019, 11:40
by claire
This video is going to show you our latest Low power ML51 series microcontroller. The ML51 platform features high performance and pin-to-pin compatibility with our 32-bit microcontrollers, such as M480, M031, and M261 series .
ML51 series supports up to 24MHz operation frequency, and 1.8V to 5.5V operating voltage, it provides four power modes: normal run mode, low power run mode, low power idle mode, and power down mode. In power down mode with multiple wake-up sources. The power consumption in low power idle mode is down to 13 μA and in power down mode it is less than 0.8 μA. When the clock runs at internal RC oscillator can also allow 9600 baud rate for UART communication. ADC supports up to 8 channels of 12-bit ADC, analog comparator and five levels of the internal reference voltage, ML51 provide two channels of PDMA, strong immunity like 8 kV ESD and 4.4 kV EFT.

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